Bible Studies
.Bible Lessons for Small Groups/Sunday School

One of the better methods of communicating truths is by having small group "fireside" studies.  In this ambience, the leader must not project him/herself as an all-knowing, authoritive preacher, but a fellow seeker of truth.  Creating this ambience is to allow the Word to be the final authority to all questions of faith and practice and to allow the Spirit of God  to guide to all truth.

The following lessons are designed as guides to be used by the leader to allow the Spirit to truly lead us to all truth.  Freedom of expression in sincerity should be encouraged, but responding to them must always be in love with a desire to edify each other and the body of Christ.

It has been said, by experts in education, that the human mind was designed to learn by use of all five senses.  In the following lessons we especially use the sense of vision as a teaching tool.  Our Lord used many everyday visual pictures that people were familiar with to teach powerful spiritual truths.  We encourage the leader to utilize these visual illustrations as a tool for retaining the truths that the Spirit reveals to us.  

Outline and Whiteboard Illustrated Lessons:
Partakers of the Divine Nature -- Cultivating the nature of God

Christian Memory  -- Memory -- a gift for Christian growth

Law/Spirit  --  The difference between letter and spirit of "The Law"

Willing Workers -- God draws workers by His Spirit

Pornography  -- God is honored by our sexual purity

Contrary Winds of Hebrews  -- Satan's attacks vs Christ's care

Social Influence  -- Conduct influences our world for/against God

Controlling the Tongue -- God can use our speech for His glory

Revelation Confirmed  -- God revealed through the written Word

Talents  -- Sanctified talents used to built God's temple

The Crucifixion -- A study of the sacrifice of Christ

Peter -- Transformed Servant  -- Failed intentions/victorious   witness                                

God's Prophetic Clock -- Prophetic events have/do/will occur on time

Law of Life Growth  -- Christians/churches grow by spiritual laws

Sustenance of Life -- Christian life is sustained by spiritual food

When Religious Leaders Fail -- Spiritual blind fail to see Christ's mission

Money Problem -- Protecting ourselves from temptation of loving money

Alcohol Problem -- Social drinking and the Christian

Fishers of Men -- Becoming fishers of men  

Walk the Talk -- Faith becomes real when put into active ministry

Miracles -- Attitudes and purpose of miracles

Essential Characteristics of the Church -- Fruits of the true church are attractive

Christian Brotherhood --Working for the unity of the Body

Purpose of Church -- Church called to bless the world

Lifestyles -- Contrasts between old (wo)man and new (wo)man  lifestyles

God Owns Everything -- To whom does money belong to?

Prayer  -- What is prayer?

Non-illustrated Outline Lessons:

What Attracts You to Church?  -- Erroneous/true reasons for church attendance

Qualified Redeemer -- No other -- Jesus Christ fulfills all requirements

A Spiritual Building  -- We are building blocks for eternal temple

Are We Saved By Water Baptism?  -- A study on what is water baptism

Compassion of Christ -- Teachings of compassion by the feeding of 5000