Concerns Within The Church


Title:  Evangelism or Church Growth?
Summary:  We address the issue of the heart condition of believers in their relationship with the calling of the church to evangelize.  We ask, are Church Growth Programs filling the need of evangelism?

Title: "Cleansing the Temple"
Summary: Communication of Christian truth and inspiration has become a multibillion dollar industry. Not only has this environment bred thieves and made God's word a sellable item, but worship of the creature has been encouraged. Contrasting the Bible's simple method of proclaiming the gospel to today's marketing ploys, we see the need to cleanse the temple!

Title: "Come, Let Us Worship Music"
Summary: Christian churches, conservative and liberal, are experiencing a revolution in worship styles. We explore the basis of worship and the Biblical principles involved in worshipping our God. We approach the subject of music, not from man's likes and dislikes, but from "How does God want man to worship Him?"

Title: "The Mega-Church in God's Kingdom"
Summary: More and more people are leaving their community churches and flocking to the mega-churches. We look at the possible reasons mega-churches are attracting these people and we ask, "Are these churches fulfilling God's purposes for the establishment of His Church?"

Title: "Change the World?"
Summary: In our day, a strong call to join the Christian church in order to change the world is resounding in the Christian community. We question if this is the call that Jesus taught His disciples to proclaim. We conclude that the eternal message of salvation gives us hope as we wait for Jesus to set up His eternal Kingdom.

Title: "Body/Head Relationship -- A Business Model?"
Summary: The model for interrelations and nourishment within the church body should not be taken from the world systems, but should be based on our Lord's teachings that He is "no respecter of persons" and that we all need each other.

Title: A Church without Spot or Wrinkle
Summary: We look into the need of discipline in the church in order to present to our Lord a pure church "without spot or wrinkle" and ask: "Is it possible to do this in our present day churches?" We conclude that it is every church's mandate to maintain the standards of behavior that our Lord desires.

Title: Go to Another Church
Summary: The tactic of sending "unhappy members" of their churches by church leaders to other churches is being used more frequently in today's mega-church environment.   We explore the reason why this tactic should be used very carefully for the benefit of the individual member and the church itself.

Title:  The Making of Mini-Popes
Summary:  In many of today's evangelical churches there has arisen a danger of reverting back to the Catholic system in regards to the calling, leadership, and final authority of the pastors.  We look into this subject with a desire to maintain the primitive church's leadership characteristics in fulfilling the mission of today's church.