Short Faith Building Articles

Title: The Four "R's"
Summary:  Given all the Creeds and Statements of Faiths in the present religious world, we attempt to simplify the essential beliefs for our purpose of living and our eternal salvation.

Title: Profitable Living
Summary: God has given us life. We can say this life is loaned to us because it comes from Him and it is sustained by Him. He desires that we not waste our lives on vain things; rather, He wants our lives to be profitable.

Title: The Building of Visions
Summary: Visualizing is a marvelous gift that our Creator has given us. God expects us to use it to visualize His heavenly kingdom as He guides us in our lives.
Title: What Does God Require of Us?
Summary: Commentary on Jehovah's Witnesses' pamphlet by same title. We look at the relationship between faith/grace and performance to find God's requirements for us to be acceptable to Him.
Title: Friends or Brethren?
Summary: Christians have been born into the family of God -- as such, we enjoy a special relationship with each other.
Title: Was That All There Was?
Summary: We look at the purpose of life from the prespective of those who have almost finished the road of life and we ask, "Was That All There Was?"
Title: A Message to Church Kids
Summary: Kids growing up in a church environment have pressures that other kids do not have. We challange these kids to leave childhood behind and become thier own persons.

Title: The Joy of the Lord
Summary: A Christmas essay where we explore the difference between the "Joy of the Lord" and the "joy of this world". We especially challenge young people to consider how they can experience real joy and how to express it.

Title:  Jesus' Mission -- Incomplete?
Summary:  Was Jesus succssful in His mission at His first advent?  We explore Jesus' ministry in relationship to His mission and ask, "Did He fail and is His mission still incomplete?

Title:  Christianity or Churchanity?
Summary: Many have been deceived into a false sense of security by Babylon's wine.  We try to identify this wine and how to come out of this drunkenness into a life of soberness, light and life.

Title:  Only Believe
Summary:  When Christians really believe, it is a natural response to wholly consecrate their lives to their Creator and redeemer.  We explore the means whereby we let God use us.

Title:  Should Christians Sorrow Over the Death of Loved Ones?
Summay:  In many a Christian funeral today, many do not know if we should sorrow or celebrate the passing away of a loved one.  We explore what the Scriptures say on this question.